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We chose the name POSTNATAL RECOVERY, as we know how difficult it can be, and to begin a new health and well-being drive. We like to use time to develop well-being from an internal and self-motivated place, and nurture health rather than force it for the benefit of others.

Part of the process is about rediscovering your individual identity, and we can help you to feel unique once more.

By “Recovery” we mean that we don’t simply focus on weight loss or body confidence, but rather on all aspects of your recovery. This combines a variety of elements that we believe can truly help you to regain a positive balance of mind, body and soul.

Our approach understand the importance of providing a comfortable and positive environment in which to work, and thus during our initial development phase we will work with you to create a programme that suits your personal requirements.

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We are also looking to develop a community of like-minded women who can exercise and socialize together, as although we understand the importance of private work at times, it is also hugely beneficial to have a team on hand. This will include group work outs, social events, picnics (implementing dietary plans), and an online network of support.

Postnatal Recovery was set up by Ashford-based Venezuelan, Ariadna, who has had 21 years’ experience working within massage and complimentary therapy, and a Diploma in Personal Training. She has also studied numerous other courses, and is qualified fitness instructor specializing in postnatal health and well-being. You can read more about Ariadna in the ‘My Bio’ section of the website.

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