It was created with new mums in mind and is designed in a way to help you find personalised services to support you during your first 1001 postnatal days.

Postnatal Recovery is a holistic approach to motherhood. It was created with new parents in mind and is designed in a way to help you find personalised services to support you during your first 1001 postnatal days. Whether you are looking for advice regarding your feelings, nutrition, exercise, massage, hormone levels, trauma healing, c-section recovery, planning your postnatal journey, bonding issues, lack of daily structure and routine, or concerns over baby’s health (and much more), you’ll be able to access the help you need through ‘Postnatal Recovery’.

At ‘Postnatal Recovery’, we are always safeguarding the wellbeing of you and your baby.

Being a new parent is a rewarding but an often overwhelming experience that requires us to adjust to the role of 24/7 carer, leaving no time for other responsibilities or interests and a switch that can leave parents feeling tired and run down. We have therefore included our own unique version of PND (Postnatal Depression) into our service offering which focuses on supporting mothers who may be feeling overwhelmed with their new roles as mothers

Provides a trusted network to support one another during your new journey.

Reward, Rewarding, information, support and lots more.


This is a special time for every woman, whether she has had an easy pregnancy or not. The first 40 days after giving birth are an important period of healing, bonding and adjusting to this new life with your baby.

Coming from a big family in Venezuela helped me to create this in-depth and incredible programme – my history enabled me to incorporate my family rituals and values as well as my own country cultures (including the first 40 days or cuarentena where mum is cared and looked after, something that many of us know as ‘the fourth trimester).

For me it is so important that parents, especially the birth mum, feel supported, guided and comforted in order to create a safe space for both the parents and the baby. During your time with ‘POSTNATAL RECOVERY’ throughout this special period – the cuarentena – we will focus on dealing with physical and emotional traumas, mum and baby care, as well as providing the ultimate support during the first 40 days

Now more than ever, where we feel separated from our cultures, we are looking to reconnect to who we really are – dealing with fear, doubt, guilt,

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I created ‘Postnatal Recovery’ because it’s exactly the kind of structure and support that I desperately needed during those first few weeks as a new mum.



Let’s go on this journey together.

A journey without struggles.

hat will lead to you becoming part of the new holistic positive family flow movement.

That’s right. Give me your hand. Let’s do this together.


Before we get started, and to ensure that you get the most out of your time here, this guide is not for you if:

  • You have everything figured out
  • You already know what’s best in every circumstance
  • You are not open minded
  • You are skeptical of making time for your wellbeing
  • You are looking for a quick fix

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